Thursday, July 17, 2014

Christmas Tidings!

Christmas 2013 was a busy and exciting holiday! We are still taking a break from house remodeling...thank goodness...! I had lots of custom pottery to paint for the store, Steve was working a lot, we were training the pups, and went to Florida!


So last fall we got the cutest Boston Terrier puppies in the world! Rocket and Ruby. We wanted two so they could play with each other when we were not at home. It's worked out great and we love them so much!!! I totally recommend getting two puppies at once! Of course that's twice the trouble and mayhem! But also twice the love :)

They do get into stuff they're not supposed to ...of course! (mostly Ruby we have discovered! Rocket will actually tattle on her because he runs to us or  hides in the corner when she's misbehaving! ha!)

Friday, May 3, 2013

October...feeling crafty

So the weather is getting cooler and the sky is more gray and moody...perfect time for crafting in the studio! We had some dear friends over a few weeks ago (The Barnharts and the Fergs) for the
annual "TACO BAR/ WREATH MAKING FESTIVAL". Well, really this is the first time we've done that and it was just a last minute idea for a craft night...and tacos sounded I may have exagerated a bit with the title :) But it could become an annual event I suppose!

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Things are looking up!

So here are a few photos of our recent house remodeling. The quality isn't great, but you get the idea...I bet Steve is ready for me to stop getting the ideas come to think of it! :) He's done such a great job on all our projects and I'm so proud of him! "smooch"
Although you may not see much difference from the last house photos, let me assure you that much work has gone into door and window trims and all the baseboards (i.e. measure, cut, cut again, just one more cut, nail in place, fill nail holes, prime boards, sand boards and nail holes, paint one coat, then another (really? are you sure it needs two? "really"), buy new paint brushes 'cause you (I) didn't clean the oil paint out of the other ones, "This is the LAST project we're using oil paint on.", caulk the seams....That's all there is to it! :)

Blood, sweat and tears...yep, we've had all of that. Just a little blood (mostly dad's 'cause "careful" isn't his middle name, it's Gregory.) A LOT  of sweat; don't worry, not mine; and some tears (those were mine actually, but I get so emotional! sorry.)

The new couches are from Bassett and we really like them. Thanks Bassett. You have great looking furniture, but we wish it was cheaper...maybe next time. (call me)

You don't see any photos of the studio because it's a messy place right now. And if you don't see messy photos of my messy place, then it doesn't exist right? I thought that's how it worked.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ok, ok! Here are some photos :)

So it's been a while (I've been reminded ...Diane, Ashley :) ...but here are a few updated photos of our house progress! We've added a new patio door that's everything we hoped for! LOVE how it lets in the morning light! (not to mention how  I LOVE that it's no longer a faux stain finish) I also found more comfortable barstools that fit perfectly in our space! Aren't they so cute!

The column on the left of the photo is trimmed out and painted, along with ALL the doorway trims!!! Thanks to Lt. Commander Awesome Steve and dad for all their hard work the past month getting the space ready for a baby shower I had a few weekends ago for my friend. So when you're in our house there are no more 2x4's to be seen (whether that makes you happy or not I'm not sure, but for me = happiness! :)

Other favorite addition: matching bookshelves for the living room!!! Ta da! I designed them, and a nice builder named Jim Burges made them for us! (I have since learned that we have lots of books and I filled up those shelves in a matter of minutes...minutes people!) I am so excited about these that I just sat on the couch and stared at them for several evenings. Love how they flank the bay window looks like they've always been there (...except they haven't, what's always been there were blank walls that looked lonely and bare, but now the puzzle is complete I think)

To quote Hannibal from "The A Team" : "I love it when a plan comes together."
or to quote our contractor's installer Johnny : "It's a beautiful thang!"
and finally, to quote my sister Melissa: "finally!"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Great May!

 We spent a week at my sister Maradee's helping her get settled into the new casa.
There's the cutest garden area within walking distance of her adorable neighborhood that Steve and I took advantage of one morning on our way to the donut shop :)
Her friend Megan gave us an insiders look at Nasa where she specializes in the space station air lock.